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At Deschutes River Dentistry, we’re not satisfied to offer a common dental experience.

In fact, we’re determined to break paradigms and bring true joy to healthcare. We offer a culture where laughter and fun frame our days, enriching lives by reaching beyond the exceptional dental treatment we provide.   

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111 Tumwater Blvd., A-300, Tumwater, WA 98501
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What sets Deschutres River Dentsitry Apart.
Deschutres River Dentsitry Reviews

What sets us apart

Relationships matter at Deschutes River Dentistry. Supporting growing families and strengthening the well-being of patients at every stage of life provides the ultimate reward to our team.

We also recognize that people approach us with anxiety and fear. We pride ourselves in turning these roadblocks into trust, paving the way with compassion and kindness. The relaxed vibe we create serves a trust-building role as essential as our advanced training in sedation and anxiety management techniques.

Although an environment that’s polar-opposite to the stereotypical dental office sits beyond our doors, we’re serious when it comes to the dentistry we provide. We use innovative techniques, materials, and technology to provide first-class treatment. We offer unmatched access to care through provider partnerships, strategic location of multiple offices, and expanded hours.

At Deschutes River Dentistry, we’re different...and we love what that means for our patients!

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Our Reviews

  • "I never thought I'd actually look forward to going to the dentist until I started going this one. EVERYONE here treats you like family, and takes care of you as such. "
    — Linda C.
  • "Cozy office, great staff, and fantastic dentist! We love coming here including our 8 & 6 year old boys. They also have the best treasure chest ever. Its like family here. Thanks for taking care of us!"
    — Hubert T.
  • "Best Dentist ever!!!! The whole office is wonderful! They are caring, kind, friendly and professional! I just wish I had found them years ago! Thank you Doctor Edwards for moving to Washington. I really appreciate you hiring such an amazing staff, too!"
    — Debbie B.
  • "Everyone in this office is so kind. They really go the extra mile to make you comfortable. I have high anxiety about going to the dentist, but they are starting to change that. I can't thank them enough."
    — Tammina H.

Introducing the Pinhole Technique

A Quick Gum Lift

We are excited to announce that we now offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique in our practice! The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a scalpel free, suture free and conventional graft free method for gum recession. Patient’s love this procedure because it’s quick, easy and instantly pleasing. Invented by Dr. John Chao who trained Dr. Edwards personally, the Pinhole procedure loosens the gum tissue with specially designed instruments and glides it over the receded part of the tooth. Since there is no cutting or stitching, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (swelling and bleeding). Most patients are also pleasantly surprised by the instant cosmetic improvement. Contact our office if you feel you have gum recession and would like an evaluation.